ביקורת נוקבת על מאמר TIME העוסק ביחסה של ישראל לשלום
מור לוריה-וינברגר, 23-Sep-2010



זהו מכתב ביקורת חריף ששלחתי למערכת עיתון TIME, בתגובה על המאמר ההזוי, הפופוליסטי, האנטישמי והשערורייתי של Karl Vick שכותרתו:  “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace”.


הנה קישור למאמר עצמו:,8599,2015602,00.html


וכך זה נראה על שער העיתון עצמו:


והנה המכתב:

Dear Time magazine,
I am an Israeli Jew, born and raised in Tel Aviv.
And I am a TIME subscriber.
A few days ago, I read you racist, disgusting, infuriating article about "Why Israel doesn't care about peace" and in the first time in a long time, I was so utterly furious, I was unable to have a single moment of rest since.
Let me make this very clear: I know not a single person in
Israel that does not want peace.
Not a single one.
Many of us do not believe peace is possible, or and that it can happen in our time. This is not because Karl Vick's barely-hidden view that we are all greedy money-loving Jews, but because of the many years of violence we have endured so far.
Do you really think Mr. Vick, that because it has been two years since that last suicide bomber we no longer care? That we no longer remember what might happen if we have no peace?
It's been 9 years since 9/11 - have you forgotten all about it? I doubt it.
I thought I'd list the few cases in which I, or people I know, have been brushed by terror:

1.     My husband's cousin and his classmates were attacked by a terrorist with a dagger. He escaped by hiding in a ditch. Some of his friends were not so lucky.

2.     My sister in-law was a few feet away from a suicide bomber by my local mall, and had a decapitated head thrown at her.

3.     A secretary in the University I work in lost her daughter in the bombing. She was a young girl when she died.

4.     A friend's cousin was killed in a bombing of a railway station.

5.     My father's friend was in a bus that was bombed, he was so seriously injured he had to retire from his work as a judge.

6.     An aunt and her daughter barely escaped with their lives when their local mall was attacked - the glass wall collapsed on them, they were lucky. Other people around them were not.

7.     My husband's friend was in the same attack - she was injured, and a body of a dead baby was hurtled at her. A tiny baby that had no Views at all about peace. She didn't utter a single word for weeks.

8.     The bus that stops near my house was attacked twice - bombed twice. I rode that bus every day.

9.     The club where I had my end of year celebrations was bombed a few days after we were there, killing people my age, or younger.

10. I was a street away when a coffee shop blew up, killing a young mother. The sound of the blast, I assure you, would haunt me till the day I die.

11. A restaurant my husband frequently visited in Haifa was bombed.

12. When my husband lived in the city of Netanya, terror struck right near his home at the nearby hotels situated on the coastline.


And we all consider ourselves lucky. We were not badly injured, we were not killed. Hundreds of Israelis were killed. Thousands were injured. Do you seriously think that a good economy and a day at the beach would make them all better? Do you?

Do you feel good, mocking the families of terror victims? Does it make you feel proud to know that your words trivialize the pain and suffering of people who have lost parents, children, husbands and wives, friends and colleagues? Are the thirty pieces of gold you earned enough to make you feel all better?


Me, and people of my generation have lived under the threat of terror all our lives. As a teenager, I had to think twice before going out to a restaurant or a coffee shop, because it could get me killed. I walked many times instead of taking the bus, because a bus ride could end in disaster. Taking a wrong turn on the way to Jerusalem could get you stoned, or lynched.


I could take you on a walk in Tel Aviv and show you all the places that were bombed, where the blood has barely been cleaned from the earth – all of these are my childhood memories, my childhood nightmares. But what use would that be? You wouldn't care, would you? You'd rather create a story in your head that is better suited to you anti-Semitic views and racist soul.


Shame on you, Mr. Vick.

Shame on you, TIME magazine.


Mor Lurie-Weinberger.