Israel Elections Results Update

Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, 18-March-2015




Just a quick real-time update about the actual results of the elections held in Israel yesterday - number of seats in the Israeli parliament (the "Knesset") consisting of 120 members:


LIKUD                                    - 30 seats         [Center / Right-Wing. led by Benjamin Netanyahu]

ZIONIST UNION                    - 24 seats         [Center / Left-Wing, led by Itzhak Hertzog & Zippi Livni]

THE JEWISH HOME             - 8 seats           [Right-Wing & Religious, led by Naftali Bennet]

YESH ATID                            - 11 seats         [Center, led by Yair Lapid]

ISRAEL BEITENU                 - 6 seats           [Right-Wing, led by Avigdor Liberman]

KULANU                                - 10 seats         [Center & Social, led by Moshe Kahlon]

JOINT ARAB LIST                - 14 seats         [Arab & Extreme Left-Wing, led by Ayman Ouda]

UNITED TORAH JUDAISM- 6 seats            [Western Ultra-Orthodox Religious, led in rotation]

SHAS                                      - 7 seats           [Eastern Ultra-Orthodox Religious, led by Arieh Deri]

MERETZ                                - 4 seats           [Extreme Left-Wing, led by Zehava Galon]


Basic Per Sector Analysis:

Center Parties                         - 74 seats

Right Wing Parties                 - 44 seats

Left Wing Parties                   - 42 seats

Arab Parties                            - 14 seats

Jewish Religious Parties        - 21 seats


Only time will tell what these results actually mean and what sort of change (if any) will occur in Benjamin's Netanyahu's government in Israel, also how powerful or fragile will the new coalition formulated be - it seems at this stage a more stable coalition can be formed.